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Welcome to Strongoath Fitness, Sunshine Coast. Are you looking for a personal trainer? Perhaps some nutrition and training assistance? Well you have come to the right place. We are the friendly, passionate & professional personal trainers.

Strongoath Fitness is dedicated to ensuring clients achieve and maintain their goals with sustainable lifestyle changes and ongoing support. The name reflects the business attitude of determination, and the solemn promise clients make to change their own lives with the tools provided by Strongoath.

What is Strongoath? Personal Trainer Services

Strongoath Services

Personal Training

Personal Training

One on one goal oriented personal training sessions at Muscle Hut

Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Siit down and plan your goals, discuss training and nutrition and get yourself setup with a program

Customized Programs

Customized Programs

Training and nutrition tailored programs designed to help you achieve your goals

Need Some Direction

Goal Setting Session

Free Goal Setting Session

  • Plan realistic short & long term goals
  • Discuss lifestyle commitments
  • Receive some direction
  • Nutrition and supplementation
  • Get setup with a beginner program
  • Book in a personal training session

After A Personal Trainer

Personal Coaching / Online Training

  • Goal setting face to face consultation
  • Hands on personal training
  • Training and nutrition advice
  • Consistent progress evaluations
  • Coach and mentoring
  • Results
Train with me

After A Fitness Program

Strong Oath Customized Program

Customized Fitness Program

  • Daily workouts
  • Nutrition advice
  • Training cues and explanations
  • Goal customized
  • Print friendly
  • Results

Client Testimonials

When I first started with Kris at Strongoath I weighed 60kgs with low self esteem, now I’m weighing 90kgs and proud with what I have achieved. Without Kris I wouldn’t be the person I am today and would defiantly not look the way I do, he is definitely the best personal trainer on the Sunshine Coast.
Steven Jung
I have been training with Kris for well over a year now and my results from him are nothing but astonishing. I did not start my fitness journey with Kris but rather after a lost 13kg and wanted to gain strength and muscle size. Trying a few different trainers and I was not happy with there techniques and there overall attitude, then struck gold with Kris, applying his vast repertoire of knowledge to help me get to where I am today. My lifts went from a 60kg deadlift to now doing 180kg. Squats went from 40kg to 140kg and bench press from 30kg to 70kg. These are just some examples of basic compound movements, my mental strength and toughness has increased and Kris’s willingness to help me and push me to what I thought I could not achieve (a little unorthodox at times, ie yelling at me and getting some astonished looks on other gym member faces) have been invaluable, also an area of his expertise. Not to turn you off though, he knows your limits and always seems to push you past them. To shape you into what you want. 10/10 I would throughly recommend Kris to anyone who is wanting to tone up, build muscle size, gain nutrition knowledge and improve there overall wellbeing.
Lachlan Oxenford
When I first came to Strongoath I had never lifted weights before, I thought fitness was all about cardio, which is why I didn’t do much of it. 18 months later I can now deadlift 100kg and am fitter than ever thanks to Kris. He’s helped me set goals and achieve them, he pushes me to do my best and motivates me even when I feel like being lazy. Thanks Kris!
Phil Bell
After years of suffering body image issues, asthma and depression I can finally say I have conquered them! Yet not without the professional consultation and regime of Strongoath fitness. Not only do i have my health in check and weigh less then i did in the 8th grade but i have tools to keep it in check. Strongoath kept its oath with me, now its times for you to make and oath for yourself.
Hayden Bethel

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